Mark Levin Interviews Donald Trump; Trump Hammers Karl Rove, Praises the Tea Party Movement – Complete Audio 2/13/13

Here is audio of Mark Levin interviewing Donald Trump on his radio show last night. Trump really slammed Karl Rove and praised the Tea Party Movement. Levin said he is now “very impressed” with what Donald Trump is doing, particularly his support for the Tea Party. At the end of the interview, Levin said he has been keeping his eye on Trump, and has found him to be “very conservative” in his recent statements and tweets. Trump praised Levin’s “great point-of-view” and praised his “great show.”

“Donald Trump – See that folks? Very solid. Very conservative. To the right of the Republican establishment. Strong supporter of the Tea Party. I’m telling you. I’ve been watching this. I’ve been listening. People have been sending me his tweets. Now I take a look at them. Very, very impressive.”

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