Democrat Rep. Charlie Rangel wants to Bring back the Draft – Video 2/15/13

Here is video of Democrat Rep. Charlie Rangel this morning advocating for “Universal Military Service” – the Draft. Rangel wants to bring it back and require everyone to serve. When confronted by the fact that most military leaders don’t want the Draft, but prefer a Volunteer Army, Rangel essentially said “Who cares what they think is best?” He said it is not the decision of a few military leaders who we as a nation want to serve. “The military takes what it can get,” he said.

Over at Huffington Post, Rangel and Russell Simmons have penned an opinion piece calling for reinstatement of the Draft to include women as well:

. . . One of us, as a lawmaker in the U.S. House of Representatives, has been calling for a mandatory draft, in hopes to encourage Members of Congress to exhaust all diplomatic options before considering military engagements. A compulsory draft would serve as a guarantee that all Americans have a vested interest in the decision to use force, why we are using force, and who will be sent in harms’ way. Today this legislation will be reintroduced, along with another bill that will require women to register for the Selective Service. The decision to allow women in combat was a tremendous milestone towards equality in America. Now that women are allowed in combat, the men and women who make up the one percent of Americans who serve in the armed forces have become equal partners in defending our nation the rest of America needs to get on board. . . . Read More

I wonder if President Obama agrees with this?

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