Mary Katherine Ham Asks Liberal Juan Williams Why Chicago is Not “a Promised Land” if Gun Control Reduces Crime – Video 2/15/13

Here is Mary Katherine Ham on Fox News today where she did an outstanding job of responding to liberal Juan Williams’ assertion that standing up for the 2nd Amendment rights of all Americans somehow means you don’t care about people who live in crime-ridden areas of Chicago or Washington D.C. She challenged him to show how the liberals’ strict gun control in Chicago has resulted in less gun violence. Of course, Juan had no answers. He tried the oft-used idea that guns are flowing into Washington from places like Virginia, where there are no strict gun control laws, as an explanation for the gun violence in D.C. But Ham came right back with the fact that will all those guns in Virginia you don’t see the kind of crime you have in D.C. So there must be something else behind the crime. She’s exactly right.

Via Gateway Pundit

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