Gov. Jeb Bush Praises President Lyndon Johnson’s Leadership Style in FL Speech – Video 2/15/13

Here is video of a speech delivered by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush at an International Business Conference at Saint Leo University in Florida.

The video is queued up to where Bush talked about the need for leadership in the White House that is willing to show humility and respect to the opposition in order to get things done. He cited former President Lyndon Johnson as an example of that, pointing out how Johnson asked the Kennedy team to stay on with him after John F. Kennedy’s assassination. He also pointed out it was Johnson who pushed through a tax cut ahead of his push for the Great Society programs. Bush was holding up Johnson as an example of a President who got “big things” done through personal leadership. He did not say he supported the Great Society programs Johnson succeeded in getting enacted.

In the speech, Bush expressed his support for “Comprehensive Immigration Reform,” and spoke at length about the need to improve Education standards.

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