CNN’s Gloria Borger, Wolf Blitzer break out of Obama Talking Points: “Sequester” Crisis “in Fact was Manufactured . . . by the President of the United States” – Video 2/19/13


CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and Gloria Borger step outside the script written by Barack Obama and tell the truth that the “Sequester Cut Crisis” Obama is trying to blame on Republicans, “in fact, was manufactured right here in Washington by the President of the United States. . .”

Blitzer had asked, “Explain why, if this is such a horrible idea – these forced spending cuts – why did the White House come up with this plan in 2011 to begin with?”

The answer: As a vehicle to demonize Republicans. That’s been Obama’s game for more than four years, and it’s what he did to Hillary Clinton before that in order to win the Democratic Nomination. The media has let him get away with it again and again, but once in a great while, some of them break through with the truth.

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