President Obama takes to the Microphone to Attack Republicans under Guise of Concern over coming “Sequester” Cuts – Complete Video 2/19/13

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Here is video of President Barack Obama taking to the microphone this morning to attack Republicans under the guise of wanting to do something to avoid “Sequester” spending cuts that will soon take effect – cuts Obama has known are coming for over a year and has done nothing about whatsoever. Obama’s statement was deliberately designed to make it sound like he has already cut the nation’s deficit – when the truth is he has not cut a single penny from the National Debt. It’s up by more than $6 Trillion since he took office, and he has had Trillion dollar deficits year after year.

Obama blamed Republicans again and again in the statement, even though he has been President for more than 4 years. He spoke as if he has been an outsider with no influence on the course of events! He concluded his remarks by saying his door would be open and that he is willing to work with anyone to get the job done.

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