Kirsten Powers: Why Doesn’t Jay Carney get “Called Out” for that “Corporate Jet Loophole” Nonsense – Video 2/23/13

On Fox News Watch this weekend, liberal Kirsten Powers calls out White House Press Secretary Jay Carney for the way he repeatedly trots out a favorite attack against Republicans about needing to close the “Corporate Jet Owner Tax Loophole” – something she said the Senate Democrats don’t even have in their own proposal! She further said she does not understand why the media does not call Carney out for this. Powers mocked the way the Obama White House constantly talks like Republicans want to take the food out of the mouths of babies to pay for Corporate Jet Owners to keep their tax loophole – when it simply is not true.

The obvious answer to Powers’ question is that the Media made Barack Obama in 2008 and got him re-elected to a large extent in 2012. They are perfectly willing to be used by him. They don’t call him out on anything – from Benghazi to Deficit spending. He gets a pass where no other President really ever has to this extent.

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