The NRA’s David Keene gives a Masterful Defense of the 2nd Amendment at Harvard University – Complete Video 2/22/13

Here is complete video of an outstanding discussion about Gun Control that took place at the Harvard University Institute of Politics featuring the NRA’s David Keene. CNN’s John King moderated the forum, asking Keene a series of questions for about the first 25 minutes, followed by questions from Harvard Students.

Keene was absolutely masterful at making the case for the 2nd Amendment and the right of American citizens to “keep and bear arms.” Keene made it abundantly clear that the NRA always expected Barack Obama to look for a chance to go after guns in America, which is consistent with his positions and actions prior to his running for President. Keene essentially said Obama stayed quiet about guns in his first term fearing it would hurt his re-election prospects, but that once re-elected, he feels emboldened to go after the 2nd Amendment.

Keene fielded every question with a warm manner, but was firm in his defense of 2nd Amendment rights. It’s over an hour long, but well worth listening to.

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