Reporter Bill Plante: Obama White House “Undercutting the First Amendment” by Reducing Access to the President; Opting for their own “State-Run Media” – Video 2/24/13

Very interesting remarks by longtime CBS News White House Reporter Bill Plante.

He was on CNN’s Reliable Sources and was asked about the media’s access to President Obama. Plante indicated it has reached a point that the Obama White House has other tools to reach the public and does not need the free press. Plante said their access to Obama has been reduced so much it is “undercutting the First Amendment.” He actually used the words “state-run media” to describe what Obama is doing – choosing to put out their own talking points through venues that will not ask them any difficult questions.

Plante is right – but he fails to acknowledge that it is the liberal media themselves who created this situation. They made Barack Obama. They chose him to defeat Hillary Clinton and they have worked overtime to get him elected twice. They did it by glorifying him at every turn, ignoring his radical views and associations, and by coddling him early on when they had a chance to ask him the hard questions. Now, he is both accustomed to being treated like a King, and he has no need of them. They should not be surprised at the way they are being treated.

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