Sean Hannity in Fiery Exchange with Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison; Ellsion Accuses Hannity of “Yellow Journalism”; Hannity Finishes, “You are a Waste of Time” – Video 2/26/13

You need not look any further for why America is in such a mess when you see “leaders” like Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison.

Here he is on with Sean Hannity tonight, where they had a fiery exchange. It mostly consisted of Keith Ellison ranting for three minutes virtually uninterrupted after Hannity really got under his skin by showing a montage of Barack Obama repeating his pathetic talking points on the Sequester that was his idea to start with. Ellison took great exception to it, and said Hannity is guilty of “Yellow Journalism” and later called him “immoral.” Hannity tried asking Ellison a question several times, but eventually moved on, saying to him, “Congressman, you are a waste of time. I’m moving on because our audience deserves better.”

America deserves better.

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