Bob Woodward: Obama Not Sending Aircraft Carrier to Persian Gulf due to Sequester a “Kind of Madness I haven’t seen in a Long Time” – Video 2/27/13

Here is video of the Washington Post’s Bob Woodward on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” today where he once again said the “Sequester Cuts” Plan about to go into effect on Friday was President Barack Obama’s idea. But he did not stop there.

Woodward went on to say that Obama’s statement that he is not going to send the Aircraft Carrier Harry S Truman to the Persian Gulf because of the impending Sequester cuts, “is a kind of madness I haven’t see in a long time.” Joe Scarborough can be heard saying, “It is madness.”

“Madness” is a good word to describe what we are seeing happen to our country right now. When Bob Woodward calls it that, you know it’s bad.

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