Famed Reporter Bob Woodward Says Obama White House has Threatened Him for Calling Obama out on the “Sequester”: “You Will Regret Doing This” – Video 2/27/13

Famed Watergate Reporter, Bob Woodward, told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer tonight that he has been threatened by “a senior White House Official” for calling out Barack Obama on the “Sequester.” Woodward has said publicly that the “Sequester” was Obama’s idea – not Republicans – and that Obama should act in the best interests of the country instead of acting like the cuts must come from National Defense and other key aspects of Government. Woodward told Blitzer he got an email “from a Senior White House Official” telling him he will “regret” publicly calling Obama out.

Woodward said he is “very uncomfortable” that any President is telling reporters who report something they don’t agree with that “you will regret” doing it. He called on President Obama to disavow this “tactic” and do what is right for the country.

I don’t think Woodward is going to back down, and he is idolized by the media for bringing down Richard Nixon. Obama is feeling his oats right now, but he just may be about to go too far.

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