Louisville’s Chane Behanan Reacts after Game to Kevin Ware’s Horrific Leg Injury Suffered During Decisive Win over Duke – Video 3/31/13

Chris Wallace Confronts Mark Kelly with Reality that “Background Check” did Not Stop Jared Loughner from Shooting His Wife and Others – Video 3/31/13

New DSCC Radio Ad Targets Kentucky GOP Sen. Mitch McConnell – Audio 3/27/13


Rubio Cautions Leahy on Rushing Immigration Proposal

North Korean State TV Announcer says they are in “A State of War” with South Korea – Video 3/30/13

Soledad O’Brien Signs Off from Her Canceled CNN Show for the Final Time: “I Will Not see You back here on Monday” – Video 3/29/13

Lee Strobel Answers, “Is it Reasonable to Believe in the Resurrection of Jesus from the Dead?” – Video 3/5/13

North Korea Holds Massive Rally against the United States; Vows, “We will Do Away with the B-2 Bomber” – Video 3/30/13

North Korean War Planning Map Shows Planned Strikes against U.S. Targets – including Austin, Texas – Video 3/30/13

North Korea Officially Says a “State of War” Exists with South Korea – Video Report 3/29/13

Rep. Lee Terry uses GOP Weekly Address to Hammer Obama for Blocking “No-Brainer” Keystone XL Pipeline for more than 1600 Days – Video 3/30/13


Dr. Benjamin Carson Stands Strong for Biblical Marriage in Interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell – Video 3/29/13

Rev. Franklin Graham Tells Piers Morgan it would be a “Great Mistake” for the U.S. to Change God’s Definition of Marriage – Video 3/28/13

Obama HHS Secretary Admits ObamaCare will Cause Insurance Premiums to Rise; In 2010 Promised it would “Bring Relief” – Video 2010


North Korea Puts Rockets “on Standby” for Firing at U.S. Targets in the Pacific and on the U.S. Mainland – Video Report 3/28/13


“Fox & Friends” Steve Doocy Reacts to President Obama’s “13-Minute Guilt Trip” Pushing His Gun Control Agenda – Video 3/29/13

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