Dr. Benjamin Carson on “Hannity” says He was Told beforehand “Not to Offend the President” with His Prayer Breakfast Speech – Video 3/1/13

Here is video of Dr. Benjamin Carson on with Sean Hannity tonight where he responded to the “Sequester” Cuts that take effect beginning tonight.

Carson said real leadership would make the cuts in the least important areas – not in the most vital areas. He called it irresponsible to let the cuts impact the most important areas. He said President Obama is using “demagoguery” and called on the mainstream media to call him on it.

Interestingly, Carson said that before his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast he was told by an Obama official to “not offend the President” with his remarks. They had asked for a copy of his speech beforehand, but Carson told them he speaks extemporaneously.

Dr. Carson said it was not his intention to offend President Obama, but “if the shoe fits, wear it.”

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