MSNBC’s David Axelrod Unwittingly Shows Just how Angry the Obama White House is at Bob Woodward for Saying Obama Started the “Sequester” – Video 3/1/13

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Here is video of journalist Bob Woodward on “Morning Joe” today where he was gang-tackled by the crew over his speaking out that he was told by the Obama White House that he will “regret” saying President Obama is the father of the “Sequester.” Woodward said it is not typical in his dealings with the White House to be told he’s going to “regret” his reporting. As the interview wore on, David Axelrod – that independent “journalist” hired by MSNBC – illustrated perfectly what Woodward has been saying. Axelrod was visibly angry at Woodward, not just because of the whole “threatening email” story, but more so because Woodward is saying Obama started the “Sequester” and that he has “moved the goalposts” on what it will take to get a deal. Axelrod went back and forth with Woodward, telling Woodward Obama has not “moved the goalposts.” Woodward would not let that stand, saying that Obama has added a requirement for more tax increases for a deal to be struck – which was explicitly not a part of the original negotiation.

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