Sen. Ted Cruz to Propose Amendment that would Delay Funding of ObamaCare until Economy Returns to Historically Average Economic Growth – Audio 3/11/13

Here is audio of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz on the Bill Bennett Radio Show this morning.

Cruz said the number one job of every member of Congress, both Republican and Democrat, should be “Economic Growth.” He pointed out that over the last four years, the U.S. Economy has grown at an average rate of 0.8%. That is anemic compared to the historic average since World War II of 3.3%.

Cruz believes to get the economy growing, it is essential to at the very least, delay the funding of ObamaCare. He will propose an amendment that will say funding of ObamaCare must be delayed until we have at least returned to 3.3% Economic Growth. Cruz said he really wants to do away with ObamaCare, but there should at least be a delay of implementation of it.

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