Dr. Benjamin Carson Speech at CPAC 2013: Describes how “Someone” in the White House would try to Destroy the Nation – Complete Video 3/16/13

Here is complete video of Dr. Benjamin Carson’s stirring speech this morning at CPAC 2013. Carson hit many of the same themes he shared in his amazing National Prayer Breakfast Speech in February, with President Obama in attendance. But in this speech, Carson went a step further.

Carson asked if he or someone else were “magically placed in the White House” – (drew a standing ovation) – and wanted to destroy the nation, what would you do? Carson set forth four things:

1. Create division – pit people and groups against one another.

2. Attack the moral foundations of the nation – the moral principles that founded and have preserved the nation.

3. Spend the nation into oblivion.

4. Weaken the U.S. Military – demoralize the nation’s soldiers.

Carson said “coincidentally,” that appears to be exactly what is happening to us as a nation! You could not listen to that list without thinking of the entire Presidency of Barack Obama.

Carson connects with people. He speaks from the heart and does so in a very down-to-earth and common sense fashion. It’s clear he is a problem-solver, and he is sounding more and more like a man who wants to help lead in solving the horrific problems facing our nation.

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