Karl Rove Says He can Imagine there being a 2016 GOP Candidate who Embraces Gay Marriage – Video 3/24/13

Here is video of Karl Rove on “This Week” yesterday where he was asked if he could imagine there being a GOP Candidate in 2016 who comes out and supports Gay Marriage. Rove said “I could,” but did not elaborate. He moved on to saying he thought the U.S. Supreme Court could very well decide to leave the matter of Marriage Law up to the States and not try to impose a Federal nation-wide ruling. He even thinks liberals like Ruth Bader Ginsburg could rule in that way.

I don’t think this is surprising. There will be multiple GOP Candidates running for President in 2016. There is bound to be someone who is on the Left side of the spectrum. But I doubt seriously that person is likely to win the GOP Nomination.

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