Report: U.S. Knows Who the Benghazi Attack Mastermind is and has Done Nothing to Get Him; U.S. Allowing Buildup of “Terrorist Haven in North Africa” – Video 4/30/13

Raw Video Captures Deadly Crash of Civilian Cargo Plane in Afghanistan – Raw Video 4/29/13

President Obama Holds White House Press Conference – Complete Video 4/30/13

Obama Claims He is “Not Familiar” with the “Notion” Benghazi Whistleblowers are being Blocked and Threatened – Video 4/30/13

Obama at White House Press Conference: “Maybe I should Just Pack Up and Go Home” – Video 4/30/13


Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin Vowing to Renew Push for Defeated Gun Control Agenda – Video 4/28/13


Report: “Female DNA Evidence” Found on Boston Bombing Materials; Investigators “Spend Several Hours at Home” of Bomber’s Widow – Video Report 4/30/13

Source comes Forward and Says the Obama Administration is Not Telling the Truth on Benghazi; Rapid Response Force Could have been Sent in Time to Help Americans under Attack – Video 4/29/13

Report: Obama State Department Blocking Security Clearance for Lawyers wanting to Represent Benghazi Whistleblowers – Audio 4/29/13

Sen. Ted Cruz Explains How the Obama Gun Control Agenda was Totally Defeated in the U.S. Senate – Video 4/26/13

Syrian Prime Minister Reportedly Survives Attempted “Car Bomb” Assassination Attempt in Damascus – Raw Video 4/29/13

Undercover Video Pulls back the Curtain on Late-Term Abortion in America – Video


MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Asks Chris Christie if He Regrets his Obama “Sandy” Embrace Just Days before 2012 Election – Video 4/29/13

John McCain Wins GOP Nomination in Arizona over J.D. Hayworth

VP Joe Biden Says John McCain “Probably would have Won” the Presidency in 2008 without Economic Collapse; McCain Says Probably Not – Video 4/28/13

Report: Russians Secretly Recorded Boston Bomber Talking about “Jihad” with his Mother in 2011 – Video Report 4/28/13

House Homeland Security Chair: Boston Marathon Bombers had to have “a Trainer” to Carry Out their Jihadist Attack – Video 4/28/13

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