Stormchasers’ Vehicle Gets Hit with Tornado Debris in Oklahoma – Raw Video 5/31/13


Watch Stormchaser Video of Tornado Touching Down near Oklahoma City – Raw Video 5/31/13

Reports of Multiple Tornadoes Hitting Oklahoma City Area – Live Video – 5/31/13 UPDATE: Tornado on the Ground in St. Louis Area


Report: IRS Refuses to Meet Senate Deadline for Providing Answers to Targeting Scandal – 5/31/13

Could Hillary Clinton challenge President Obama in 2012?

Poll: Hillary Clinton Approval Rating Drops Dramatically in Wake of Benghazi Scandal – 5/31/13

Report: IRS Officials from Cincinnati Office to be “Grilled by House Investigators” in Closed-Door Meetings – Video Report 5/31/13

American Mother Held in Mexican Jail Released Overnight – Videos 5/31/13

Pressure Growing for a Special Prosecutor to Investigate IRS Targeting of Conservatives – Video 5/30/13


Rasmussen: Obama Scandals, ObamaCare could be Serious Threat to Democrats in 2014 Midterm Elections

New Gabriel Gomez Ad Hammers Democrat Ed Markey’s “36 Years” of “Higher Taxes, Old Ideas” – Video 5/30/13

Sen. Ted Cruz: “Absolutely,” President Obama Should Ask Attorney General Eric Holder to Resign – Video 5/30/13

Louisiana State Senator Scurries Away from Reporter after Saying Fellow Sens Oppose ObamaCare because of Obama’s Race – Video 5/29/13

Mark Steyn on IRS Scandal: Why did the IRS Commissioner Visit the White House 118 Times? – Audio 5/29/13

MA Democrat Senate Candidate Ed Markey on Whether He’s Ever Opposed a Tax Increase: “Um, Well. . . I Will Get Back to You on That” – Video 5/29/13


Amid Growing Scandals, Obama Approval Rating Down to 45% Overall in New Poll; Only 37% of Independents Approve – 5/30/13

First Lady Michelle Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama at Fundraiser: “It Sounds Kind of Baller too, Maxing Out!” – 5/30/13

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