Dem Sen. Joe Manchin: Give Us this “Background Check” Bill and We Won’t Try any other Gun-Grab Measures. Honest! – Video 5/7/13

I’m paraphrasing, of course. But that’s what he is trying to say!

Joe Manchin is nuts if he thinks for one minute we believe Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Joe Biden won’t want further Gun-grab measures if they get this “Background Check” bill that would do nothing to prevent the kind of attacks we’ve seen in recent years. He knows better. Manchin is the ultimate chameleon politician. Says one thing in his conservative state and throws in with the Leftists in Washington.

What Manchin does not say is that in most cases, you already have to get a background check when you buy a gun from a gun store or dealer or online. Unless you are a licensed firearms dealer, the gun you buy online from a gun store has to be shipped to a dealer who does a background check on you when you go to pick it up. None of this would have stopped the Newtown shooting or any of the other mass shootings. Those were criminal acts carried out by mentally ill people. They are not going to abide by the law! This is all a bunch of baloney, and Manchin knows it. He’s just trying to serve his buddies on the Left and provide them a “victory” so they can say they won on guns.

Photo: Ammoland

Photo: Ammoland

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