Mother of American Killed in Benghazi Attack Says She Believes Obama Administration is “Covering Up” the Truth about what Happened – Video 5/7/13

Here is CNN’s Jake Tapper interviewing Pat Smith, mother of Sean Smith, who died in the Benghazi Terrorist Attack on September 11, 2012. Smith said very forcefully she has not gotten answers from the Obama Administration as to what happened to her son, and why there was no security there, nor help sent to assist the Americans once they were under attack. When asked if she had heard from President Obama, she said she got one phone call from a clerk a few days after the attack – that’s it. Nothing more. Even though she is Sean’s mother, she says she’s been told she’s “not part of the immediate family.” Smith believes they are “covering up” what happened, and said she blames Hillary Clinton, who was Secretary of State at the time.

It’s time for Barack Obama to come clean about what happened at Benghazi, where he was during the hours of the attack, and why no help was sent to assist Americans he knew were under attack.

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