Sen. Rand Paul in Iowa Decimates Hillary Clinton on Benghazi: “It was a Dereliction of Duty and it should Preclude Her from Holding Higher Office” – Video 5/10/13

Here is video of Sen. Rand Paul speaking in Iowa at the GOP’s Lincoln Dinner where he just decimated Hillary Clinton for the Benghazi Scandal. Paul just came right out and said that Clinton’s failure as Secretary of State to provide security for our State Department personnel in Libya was a “dereliction of duty,” and it should “preclude her from holding higher office.”

Paul went on to detail the bizarre, Leftist garbage Clinton approved money for at Embassies in the Middle East, but not money for added security or equipment. One example was $100,000 for our embassy in Yemen to “green up” with plugs for electric cars – but not for a plane in Libya in the event evacuation was necessary.

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