Obama Adviser on IRS Scandal: “The Law is Irrelevant” – Video 5/19/13

Rough day for Obama Senior Adviser Dan Pfeiffer.

He was sent out to multiple Sunday News Shows today the way Susan Rice was after the Benghazi attack. In this video, Pfeiffer tells ABC News “the law is irrelevant” as to whether it was illegal for the IRS to target Conservative Groups. “The law is irrelevant?” Actually, it’s not. It matters whether laws were broken, and the Congressional Investigations need to get to the truth of why they were doing this – where did the idea and the orders come from? Did any information get passed on to the 2012 Obama Presidential Campaign? Did anyone in the White House know about this? Let’s hope the truth eventually comes out. If Obama really wanted the truth, he’d ask his Justice Department to appoint an Independent Counsel to investigate and follow the facts no matter where it leads.

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