Sen. Rand Paul in Speech to SC GOP Gathering: “Our Message should be Patrick Henry’s ‘Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death'” – Video 6/28/13

CBS News’ Bob Schieffer Says, “In the End,” Comprehensive Immigration Reform Won’t Pass the House – Video 6/30/13

GOP Rep. Jim Bridenstine: “What would Tyranny Look Like in America?” – Video 6/28/13

The Unanswered Questions of ObamaCare; A “Trainwreck” on the Way – Video 6/29/13

Sen. Ted Cruz Speaks to National Right to Life Conference; Says His Two-Year Old Understands what Obama, Pelosi, and Reid Do Not – Complete Video 6/28/13

Senators John McCain, Chuck Schumer Bask in the Glow of Senate Immigration Amnesty Bill – Video 6/27/13

Oklahoma Police Officer Saves Life of Toddler taken Hostage in Grocery Store; Shoots Knife-Wielding Man Holding Toddler Dead at Point-Blank Range – Video 6/28/13 UPDATED with Police Press Conference Video


Neighbor Testifies He Believes Trayvon Martin was on Top of George Zimmerman Just before Fatal Gunshot – Video 6/28/13


Report: Senate-Passed Immigration Bill Gives Incentive to U.S. Employers to Dump U.S. Workers for Newly “Registered Provisional Immigrants” – 6/28/13


“Soda, Salt, Fast Food, Gun Rights Ban” Bloomberg Tweets Lecture on Respecting People’s Rights – 6/26/13

House Speaker John Boehner: The House “Will Not Take Up or Vote” on the Senate Immigration Bill – Video 6/27/13


Magpul Industries to Host “Farewell to Arms” Event in Colorado; Will Give Away 1,500 30-Round Magazines on Eve of Ban

Mark Levin Asks Why 14 GOP Senators who Voted for Senate Immigration Bill didn’t Demand “Comprehensive Mexican Immigration Reform” – Audio 6/27/13

U.S. Senate Passes Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill 68-32; Uncertain Future in House; Gallery Chants, “Yes We Can!” – 6/27/13 UPDATE: Video Added

Senate Poised to Pass Immigration Bill Today; McCain Slams Colleague Sen. Deb Fischer with Snarky, Condescending Attitude for Opposing the Bill – Video 6/25/13


Hugh Hewitt Destroys any Illusion that the Senate Immigration Bill is Serious about ever Building the Border Fence – Audio 6/26/13 UPDATE: Senate to Vote Today on Immigration Bill

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