President Obama Yells, “People!” to Staff when He Realizes His “Remarks” have not been Placed on Podium for Him – Video 6/7/13

Good grief. Here is President Obama yesterday facing the unthinkable – having to either be responsible to get his own notes to the podium for a brief speech OR manage to speak a few minutes without notes! I mean, for the guy who is the greatest speaker in American History, you’d think he could manage just a few brief remarks without reading them word for word.

But, alas, I guess that’s too much to expect. Instead, he goes to the podium and starts yelling, “People!” to his staff when he informs the audience his “remarks” are not there. After a few awkward seconds and a couple of “People!” yells to his staff, someone comes running the remarks out to him, tripping along the way.

One thing is for sure – Barack Obama is setting the bar very low for whoever follows him as President. “You can’t fall off the floor,” as the old saying goes.

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