Sen. Ted Cruz Gives Hard-Hitting Assessment of 2012 Election: “Romney got Clobbered Everywhere. . . I mean, it was Weepingly, Screamingly Bad” – Video 6/8/13

Here is video of Sen. Ted Cruz giving a hard-hitting assessment of the 2012 Presidential Election. Cruz was speaking at a meeting of the “America’s Future Foundation,” and he pulled no punches. Cruz said:

“Romney got clobbered everywhere. Romney got clobbered with women, he got clobbered with young people, he got clobbered with African-Americans, with Hispanics, with the Asian Community. Look – the last election was a disaster. I think the last election comes down to – Margaret Thatcher famously said, ‘First you win the argument, then you win the vote.’ In 2012 we didn’t win the argument – we didn’t even make the argument. I mean, it was weepingly, screamingly bad. . . “

Amen. Republicans MUST nominate a candidate in 2016 who can win the argument.

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