GOP Rep. Jim Jordan Questions FBI Director on Status of Investigation of IRS Targeting Scandal; Mueller has Zero Answers – Video 6/13/13

Just totally painful to watch. GOP Rep. Jim Jordan asks FBI Director Robert Mueller a series of questions about the FBI’s Investigation into the IRS Targeting of Conservatives. Mueller acted like he was totally surprised to be asked about the issue at a Congressional hearing! He had no idea who the lead investigator is on the case, how many agents are assigned to it, whether any of the victims have been interviewed yet, etc. You certainly get the feeling they are not taking the matter very seriously. Mueller also could not say why the FBI would have been paying visits to Conservatives in relation to their applying for tax-exempt status BEFORE the criminal investigation into the targeting was ever launched. Jordan asked if there was some kind of coordination between the IRS and the FBI in the targeting of Conservative Groups. Mueller just answered repeatedly, “I do not know.”

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