Sen. Marco Rubio on “Bill Bennett Show” Clarifies Steps Required Before Illegals Gain Legal Status under Senate Immigration Bill – Audio 6/18/13

Here is audio of Sen. Marco Rubio on the “Bill Bennett Show” yesterday where he clarified in some detail what will be required in the Senate Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill for an illegal alien to gain temporary legal status in the United States in the bill becomes law.

Rubio said the bill requires the illegal alien to come forward to obtain what is essentially a “temporary work permit” that would have to be renewed in six years. To gain this legal status, Rubio said the person would have to: (1) Undergo a background check, (2) Pay a fine, (3) Begin paying taxes. Rubio said people do not get this legal status immediately upon the bill being signed into law – only after they come forward and undergo these steps.

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