Bill O’Reilly Tells Laura Ingraham on Senate Immigration Bill: “Laura, I Disagree with you 100%. I think that Bill should Go Through” – Video 6/20/13

Bill O’Reilly last night came out in support of the Senate Immigration Reform bill – but Laura Ingraham totally disagreed with him. O’Reilly took the position that something has to be done, and this is the best path forward. But Ingraham pushed back on the lack of true Border Enforcement in the bill, and said it will actually result only in amnesty for the illegals here and not stop more from coming. She also brought up the CBO report that estimates the flow of illegals will only be diminished by 25%, and the legalization of millions of illegals will cause unemployment to rise and wages to be depressed. O’Reilly maintained if the GOP does not support this legislation, the party will be doomed with Hispanics. In the end, O’Reilly told Ingraham, “Alright, Laura, I disagree with you 100%. I think that bill should go through.”

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