Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin Slams Obama’s “War on Coal”: “It’s a War on Jobs. It’s a War on America” – Video 6/25/13

Here is video of Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin tonight telling Larry Kudlow that Barack Obama has today “declared war” not only on coal, “it’s a war on jobs, it’s a war on America.”

Manchin was reacting to Obama’s announcement that he will bypass Congress and use Executive Orders through the EPA to effectively destroy the coal industry in America – all in pursuit of his insane, radical Leftist Green Energy agenda. Manchin said it will “drive up the price” of energy “unbelievably.”

Manchin is absolutely right about all of this – but he acts shocked! This is what Barack Obama said he would do to America before he was ever elected in 2008. Now, having been re-elected – thanks to the help of people like Joe Manchin – Obama knows he does not have to answer to voters and is ready to pursue this insane agenda. Barack Obama is a radical Leftist. He always has been. There’s no reason to be surprised.

I wonder if Joe Manchin thought his willingness to lead Obama’s Gun Control push would keep Obama from going after coal? Not a chance.

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