Oklahoma Police Officer Saves Life of Toddler taken Hostage in Grocery Store; Shoots Knife-Wielding Man Holding Toddler Dead at Point-Blank Range – Video 6/28/13 UPDATED with Police Press Conference Video

UPDATE: The second video is from a Press Conference held yesterday by Midwest City Police about the incident. They indicate this actually took place on June 17. The video and details about the case were reviewed with the media by police yesterday, June 28.

Incredible bravery by a Midwest City Police Officer saved the life of a toddler who was taken captive in a grocery store June 17 by a deranged man. The video shows the man take the toddler right out of her mom’s shopping cart. He then walked around with the little girl, putting a knife to her throat. Police Officers spent 30 minutes trying to get the man to let her go. They got him a chair and set it in an aisle. The man sat down with the girl, and when the man pulled his knife closer to the girl’s throat, one of the officers pulled out his gun, stepped forward quickly, put the gun to the man’s head point-blank, and shot him dead. The little girl was not harmed.

The family of man who took the girl hostage says he has a history of mental illness.

Via Right Pundit

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