Conservative Michelle Malkin Lowers the Boom on Leftist Al Sharpton: “He thinks He can Lose Weight, Put Pancake Makeup On, and All of a Sudden He’s Respectable” – Video 7/31/13

MSNBC Buffoon Chris Matthews Calls Sen. Ted Cruz a “Terrorist” for Opposing the Radical Agenda of Barack Obama – Video 7/31/13

New Ad Devastates Liberal Democratic Virginia Governor Candidate Terry McAuliffe with His Own Words – Video 7/31/13

CNN’s John King Says they have Interviewed a Key Suspect in Benghazi Terrorist Attack, even though Obama Admin can’t seem to Find Him – Video 7/31/13

Barack Obama and Jesse Jackson

Billionaire Entrepreneur on Obama: “I Don’t Know if the President has Even Run a Lemonade Stand” – Video 7/29/13

Rush Limbaugh: “The Country is Hanging by a Thread”; Democrats Need to be Defeated – Video 7/30/13

Sen. Rand Paul Hits back at Chris Christie Attack: “This is the ‘King of Bacon’ Talking about Bacon” – Video 7/30/13

Rush Limbaugh Gives Wide-Ranging Interview to Greta Van Susteren; Explains the “Limbaugh Theorem” and Says Democrats need to be Defeated – Videos 7/30/13

Sen. Mike Lee Challenges GOP Colleagues on Defunding ObamaCare: “Defund It or Own It. If You Fund It, You’re For It” – Video 7/30/13

GOP Senators Lee, Cruz and Rubio Speak Together on Senate Floor to Defund ObamaCare – Video 7/30/13

Krauthammer: Obama Acts like “He’s been out of the Country for Five Years;” “It’s His Economy – He’s the President” – Video 7/29/13

Interview with Rush Limbaugh to Air on Greta Tonight for Full Hour – Preview Video 7/30/13

Pat Buchanan: Obama Engaged in “Something of a Cover-Up” on IRS Scandal; “Phony” Counterattack because Obama Knows Scandal Hurting Him – Video 7/29/13


Sen. Jeff Sessions Sends Memo Urging GOP Colleagues to Stop Obama Amnesty Push; Urges GOP to Defend “Working Americans” who Will be Devastated by Influx of New Labor – 7/29/13

Rev. Al Sharpton with President Barack Obama

Still No Money for Resuming White House Tours for Average Americans; Plenty of Money if Obama “Finds You Useful or Amusing” – 7/29/13

Mark Levin Delivers Stirring Tribute in Memory of American Hero Col. George “Bud” Day; Reads His Medal of Honor Citation – Audio 7/29/13

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