Rafael Cruz, Father of Sen. Ted Cruz, Delivers Resounding Speech Hammering Obama’s Rule by Executive Order: “We Can be Silent No More!” – Video 7/6/13

Absolutely amazing!

This is video of Rafael Cruz – father of Sen. Ted Cruz – delivering a resounding speech at FreedomWorks’ “Free the People” event over the weekend. Rafael Cruz very effectively set forth the close comparisons between Barack Obama’s ideology and that of the Cuban Dictator Cruz saw destroy Cuba – Fidel Castro. Cruz said in the face of the blatant moves by Obama to essentially rule by Executive Order – like a dictator – “We can be silent no more.” He urged the crowd to join him in pledging “our lives, or fortunes, and our sacred honor” to the cause of restoring America and taking our country back.

This gives a window into how Sen. Ted Cruz became the great patriot that he is!

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