Dr. Benjamin Carson: If George Zimmerman is a “White Hispanic,” “Why Don’t We Call Obama a ‘White African-American’?” – Video 7/17/13

He’s going to make the media mad again. There he goes using common sense!

Here is Dr. Benjamin Carson on “Fox & Friends” today where he said there appears to be no evidence George Zimmerman was at all racially motivated in his shooting of Trayvon Martin. Carson urged people to put themselves in the place of both men and try to understand how they were thinking. He suggested it would have been better for Zimmerman to have a “taser” instead of a gun, of course, not taking into account what happens if your attacker is armed with a firearm? Towards the end of the segment, Carson laughed at the media narrative calling Zimmerman a “White Hispanic,” asking why we then don’t call Barack Obama a “White African-American?”

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