Daily Caller Intern Outdoes White House Press; Asks Perturbed Jay Carney if Obama will “Take any Action” for Security of Zimmerman Family in Wake of Death Threats – Video 7/17/13

Here is video of a 16 year-old intern with The Daily Caller, Gabe Finger, doing a better job of asking questions at the White House Daily Briefing than the national press corps! The young man got recognized by Carney for a question, and then proceeded to ask him if President Obama was going to “take any action for their security” – the security of George Zimmerman and his family, in the wake of the mountain of death threats they have received since his acquittal.

Carney responded with one of his usual non-answer answers, to which the young reporter summarized, “So, they are on their own.” An obviously perturbed Carney told him, “you can editorialize all you want, and I’m sure you will,” adding that his remark was “ridiculous.”

Later in the day, many in the national media mocked the young intern and his question. The Daily Caller’s Tucker Carlson summed up the entire thing very well:

Some reporters in Washington are asking why The Daily Caller sent our intern Gabe Finger to the White House press briefing this afternoon. Talk about missing the point. The real question is, why did it take a 16-year-old intern to raise an obvious and important question that the White House press corps should have asked days ago? We don’t care how old Gabe Finger is. It doesn’t matter to us what his credentials are. All we care about is how well he does his job. Today he did it a lot better than most White House reporters.

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