Sen. Rand Paul Reacts to Obama Decision on Syria; Says He’s “Proud” of Obama for Following the Constitution; Won’t Vote for War – Video 8/31/13

Krauthammer on Obama Decision to Seek Approval of Congress for Syria Strike: “A President who Boxed Himself In and is Looking for a Way Out” – Video 8/31/13

BREAKING: President Obama Announces U.S. “Should take Military Action” against Syria; But Will Seek Congressional Authorization FIRST – Video 8/31/13


BREAKING: President Obama to Give Briefing on Crisis in Syria at 1:15 PM ET Today – 8/31/13 UPDATE: Obama to “Discuss Path Forward”; “Not Announcing Strike Yet” UPDATE: Obama Decides to Take Military Action; Will Seek Congressional Approval First

Former President Jimmy Carter in N. Korea

Former Democrat President Jimmy Carter’s “Carter Center”: U.S. Attack on Syria would be “Illegal” without U.N. Approval – 8/31/13

Democrat Dennis Kucinich: Obama “Risking Impeachment” if He Orders Attack on Syria without Congressional Approval – Video 8/30/13


“Open Line Saturday Comments” – 8/31/13

Krauthammer: Obama’s “Limited, Narrow” Strike on Syria could become a “Major Regional War” – Video 8/30/13

Chris Wallace: Obama Team “has said Too Much about what it’s Not Willing to Do” in Syria – Video 8/30/13

President Obama Announces “No Boots on the Ground” in Syria; No “Long-Term Campaign”; Considering only a “Limited, Narrow Act” – Video 8/30/13

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry Sets Forth Case for Action against Syria – Video 8/30/13

Newly Released 2007 Video Shows Major Nidal Hasan was Clearly a Radical Muslim Well Before Fort Hood Terrorist Attack – Video Report 8/29/13

FLASHBACK 2012: Obama said it would be a “Mistake” to take “Military Action Unilaterally” against Syria – Video 2012

President Barack Obama

Report: Obama Plans for Syria thrown into “Disarray” by British Vote Not to Participate – 8/30/13


“Open Line Friday Comments” – 8/30/13

Sen. Ted Cruz Blasts Obama Presidency as “Lawless” in Interview with Rush Limbaugh; Urges Americans to Help Stop ObamaCare – Audio 8/28/13

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