Former CIA Operative Calls Obama CIA Director John Brennan a “Bully of the First Order” toward Subordinates – Video 8/3/13

Here is video of Tucker Carlson talking to former CIA Operative Michael Scheuer about the attempts to keep Benghazi Survivors from telling what they know about what happened the night of the attack.

Scheuer said monthly polygraphing can only be designed to intimidate and to keep people silent about what they know. It’s too often, he said, to have a National Security purpose. He described CIA Director John Brennan as a “bully of the first order. Scheuer described him this way:

“He will never say anything negative or question anyone above him, but for the people below him he is a bully of epic dimensions.”

Scheuer said if the CIA was involved in a gun-running operation to get weapons from Libya to the Syrian Rebels, it would have been done only at the behest of the President, because the CIA, he said, operates at the will of the President.

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