Sheriff Joe Arpaio: “Obama and His Band of Merry Men Might as Well Erect their own Pink Neon Sign” Telling Illegals, “Welcome all Illegals to Your United States” – Video 8/12/13

Here is Sheriff Joe Arpaio blasting President Obama and his band of merry men” at the Justice Department for now prohibiting the running of immigration checks on people arrested and taken to jail. Arpaio said the Justice Department has informed them the “287G agreement” allowing them to run the checks has been “canceled.”

“What that means is that we are no longer abl to verify the immigration status of any criminal offenders brought into our jails. This is a program responsible for detecting over 44,000 illegal alien criminal offenders since 2007. . . Now with the cancellation of this agreement, illegal criminal offenders arrested and brought into our jails will go undetected and ultimately dumped back onto a street near you. For that you can thank you Federal Government. By their actions today, President Obama and the band of his merry men might as well erect their own pink neon sign at the Arizona-Mexico border saying, ‘Welcome all Illegals to your United States: Our home is your home.'”

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