Allen West Reacts to News President Obama “Played 15 Games of Spades” During Raid to get Osama Bin Laden – Video 8/14/13


Here is former GOP Rep. Allen West reacting to news that while the daring raid by Navy SEALs was being carried out to get Osama bin Laden, President Barack Obama was playing “15 games of Spades.” Obama’s own personal “body man” – Reggie Love – made the statement in an interview. West said it is shocking, but that Obama as a Commander-in-Chief has so “lowered the bar,” it is not as surprising as it would be for someone else.

Isn’t it interesting that Obama is constantly taking credit for “getting Bin Laden” when it appears he could not even bring himself to stay in the Situation Room during the raid. He was playing cards.

Here’s the Reggie Love statement:

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