“Hope and CHANGE”: David Axelrod Says You can Expect Obama to Keep Changing ObamaCare Law as He Desires – Video 8/16/13

This morning on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” David Axelrod said you can expect Barack Obama will continue to change the ObamaCare rules on into the future – even after the current delay periods have passed. You can see the Obama game plan – It really does not matter what the legislation actually says. Once enacted, he feels he has the power to add, subtract, rewrite laws according to his will and whims. No thought of returning to Congress for approval in “changes.” That’s why working with this President to pass ANYTHING is insane. To him, it makes no difference at all what the actual law says. He believes he has the power to change it any way he desires. I guess THAT’S what he meant all along by “Hope and CHANGE.”

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