“Nanny” Bloomberg Proudly Displays Confiscated Firearms to Media; Firearms Displayed Pointing at the Press! – Video 8/19/13

Here is video of New York Mayor Michael (“Nanny”) Bloomberg proudly announcing the seizure and confiscation of 254 firearms made illegal by the city’s radical anti-gun laws. Most of the guns, they announced, came from the Carolinas.

Doug Ross points out it is ironic that for all their talk about gun safety, Bloomberg and the other officials displayed the firearms with all of them laying on a table POINTING AT THE AUDIENCE! The number one rule of gun safety is to always keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction!





UPDATE: Right Pundit has more photos.

  • brad_gainor81

    Too rich for words!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wills_7550

    OMG. What were they thinking?

  • Fred_in_TX72

    They weren’t.

  • Jeff_arkansas60

    Not a brain in their heads.

  • standforliberty76

    They think seizing 254 guns is going to keep guns away from criminals in a city of 7 million people.

  • standforliberty76

    that about sizes it up

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