Sen. Ted Cruz New Hampshire Speech on Taking America Back gets Multiple Standing Ovations – Complete Video 8/23/13

Sen. Ted Cruz speaks at a gathering of Republicans in New Hampshire and sets forth a pathway to take America back through the power of the “Grassroots.” Cruz talks about the grassroots “Past, Present, and Future.” He demonstrates his ability to capture the imagination of an audience, was clearly a big hit in the “First-in-the-Nation” Primary State. As you listen to Cruz, you can hear the outline of a 2016 Presidential run that calls for standing firm on Conservative principles. Cruz calls for abolishing the IRS, cutting taxes, defunding and repealing ObamaCare, reducing regulations and unleashing the power of the Free Enterprise system once again. Cruz made the case that the GOP should be seen as “the party of the 47%” because of the principles that will bring about an economic resurgence in America.

  • Fred_in_TX72

    Truly outstanding. You could see he had the crowd in his hand. If he runs, he will be tough to match.

  • standforliberty76

    Ted Cruz is going to be President one of these days.

  • di Grappa

    I am surprised he did not break out into a stirring rendition of, “O, Canada”. Dude is Canadian, after all.

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