Report: “The Rise of Raphael Cruz” – Father of Sen. Ted Cruz – has “Startled Cruz’s Potential 2016 Rivals” – 8/28/13

Over at National Review, Robert Costa has written a fascinating piece on “The Rise of Raphael Cruz” – the father of Sen. Ted Cruz. He is an outstanding speaker in his own right, and Costa says he is taking the place in Ted Cruz’s inner circle of what is usually held by a hired GOP Strategist. Ted Cruz trusts his Dad’s political instincts. With the recent track record of many GOP Consultants – Ted Cruz is probably very wise!


The political partnership between Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and his father, Rafael, is a rising force intedandrafael_web-287x300 conservative politics. To most observers, it seems like part of a familial game plan that has been in the works for years.

But according to Senator Cruz, it actually began quite recently with a phone call. “My dad poured himself into my Senate race last year,” he recalls. “In the early months, we didn’t have much of a campaign. One day, I couldn’t make an event, so he drove out to West Texas alone — no staffers, nothing — and he spoke on my behalf. A few hours later, I called and asked how it went. He said, ‘Even surrogates for the other candidates were asking for Cruz yard signs.’”

Ever since, Cruz has kept his father, a 74-year-old pastor, involved with his political shop, using him not merely as a confidant and stand-in, but as a special envoy. He is Cruz’s preferred introductory speaker, his best messenger with evangelicals, and his favorite on-air sidekick — a presence who softens his edge. . . .

This summer, father and son have also been traveling together throughout the country, speaking to conservatives in Iowa and elsewhere. Their roadshow has enthralled many on the right and startled Cruz’s potential 2016 rivals. No one else in the emerging GOP field has an ally like the charismatic elder Cruz. . . . Read More

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