Sarah Palin Jabs Obama: “We Don’t Do Pinpricks, but Sometimes We Elect Them” – Video 9/30/13


U.S. House Approves Bill Funding U.S. Government for the Third Time; Democrats in Senate Kill the Bill Again to Save ObamaCare – 9/30/13

Sen. Ted Cruz on CNN: “I Think Harry Reid Affirmatively Wants a Government Shutdown” – Video 9/30/13

President Obama’s Remarks on Impending Government Shutdown; Places all the Blame on GOP – Video 9/30/13

CNN Anchor Lectures Two GOP Members of Congress; Rohrabacher Responds, “Whose Bidding are You Doing?” – Video 9/30/13

U.S. Senate Votes 54-46 to Kill the House’s One-Year Delay of ObamaCare – Video 9/30/13

Bob Woodward: Obama Unwilling to Negotiate with GOP is “Baffling”; Fallout from Shutdown, No Debt Ceiling Agreement “Will be on His Head” – Video 9/30/13

Israel Announces Arrest of Iranian-Belgian Citizen for Spying for Iran; Man had Photos of U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv – Video Report 9/30/13

Israeli PM Netanyahu to meet with Obama Today to “Tell the Truth” in the Face of “Sweet Talk and the Onslaught of Smiles” between Obama and Iran – Video 9/30/13

House Republicans Gather on Steps of U.S. Capitol to Blast AWOL Harry Reid, Democrats for wanting a Government Shutdown – 9/29/13


“Open Line Monday Comments” – 9/30/13

Democratic Consultant Pat Caddell: Iranian Mullahs “Laughing” at Obama; Obama “Makes Neville Chamberlain Look Good” – Video 9/29/13

Another Day, Another Peter King Attack on Fellow Republican Ted Cruz – Video 9/29/13

Sen. Rand Paul on “Face the Nation”: Obama “is the One Saying I Will Shut Down the Government if You Don’t Give Me Everything I Want” – Video 9/29/13

New Inspiring Video Highlights Republicans Fighting for the American People to Stop ObamaCare – Video 9/28/13

Sen. Ted Cruz Faces Off with Shameless Obama Shill David Gregory on “Meet the Press”; Cruz Counters Every Dem Talking Point Trotted Out – Video 9/29/13

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