Sen. John McCain Spouts Democrat Talking Points in Shameful Attack on Sen. Ted Cruz Following Filibuster – Video 9/25/13

This is as low as it gets in politics. Sen. John McCain literally offering himself to become the mouthpiece of the Democratic attack machine against Sen. Ted Cruz. Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer even gleefully was the one to yield time to McCain so he could get up and make his attack today after Sen. Ted Cruz concluded his 21 hour, 19 minute filibuster against ObamaCare.

What came out of McCain’s mouth were pure Democratic talking points. He lauded Democrats for the way they conducted the original process that passed ObamaCare into law (which was partisan and used Reconciliation to pass the bill). He trotted out the “Elections have Consequences” line, as if Republicans now have an obligation to lay down and cede the field to Obama to do as he pleases.

John McCain embarrassed himself today, and doesn’t have the sense to even know it. The Democrats have him at their disposal to trot out and say whatever they want said. It’s a pathetic and sad spectacle. McCain is clearly jealous of Ted Cruz, and is out to ruin him. But McCain better know it won’t be Ted Cruz that Republicans reject going forward. It will be those like him who willfully side with the Democrats who are pushing policies that are destroying this nation.

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