GOP-Led U.S. House Votes 231-192 to Delay ObamaCare and Fund the U.S. Government; Votes to Pay Military in Event of Shutdown; Dems Vow Shutdown to Save ObamaCare – Video 9/29/13

The U.S. House of Representatives voted early this morning to fund the entire U.S. Government, but delay ObamaCare for one year. The House also voted to repeal the Medical Device Tax in ObamaCare, and passed a separate bill that will make sure the U.S. Military gets paid in the event of a Government Shutdown:


The House approved a measure early Sunday morning that would fund the government through Dec. 15 while delaying implementation of Obamacare for one year, a politically risky maneuver that united House Republicans but pushes the federal government closer to a shutdown.

The legislation—which also includes an amendment to repeal the medical device tax and a separate provision to pay military members in the event of a shutdown—passed easily, putting the continuing resolution to keep the government running past Monday back in the Senate’s court.

“They might have to come back from their vacation,” said Rep. Tom Graves, R-Ga., who has led the charge for an Obamacare delay, before the vote. “Harry Reid has to now decide if he’s going to continue forcing this bad law on the American people.”

The Senate majority leader, though, has already dismissed the House’s plan outright. The Senate, he announced Saturday, will reject the delay of the Affordable Care Act as well as amendment to cut the medical device tax, which Reid last week called “stupid.” . . . .

The floor action consisted of three separate votes. The House first voted 248 to 174 to repeal the tax on medical devices, with 17 Democrats joining 231 Republicans in support. The House then voted 231-192 to delay Obamcare’s implementation by a year, with two defections from each party. A third vote was unanimous to continue appropriations for military pay in the event of a shutdown.

Hours before the votes, cheers erupted in a closed-door GOP meeting Saturday afternoon after Boehner made it clear the House was not giving up in the standoff with the Senate and the White House.

“Let’s roll,” an exuberant Rep. John Culberson, R-Tex., shouted as colleagues cheered Boehner. An unfortunate analogy, perhaps, because Culberson later explained he was evoking the battle cry of passengers who tried to wrest control of United Airlines Flight 93 from terrorists on Sept. 11, 2001. That was the fourth plane to go down in that day’s terrorist attacks, crashing in a Pennsylvania field and killing all on board.

Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Texas, went on the House floor shortly after the meeting and called Boehner “our great speaker.” . . . Read More

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