Remy Gives Us “The HealthCare Mash!” – Video 10/30/13

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Mocks Early ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers: “Six People on the First Day” – Video 10/31/13

Krauthammer on ObamaCare Mess: “It’s Going to Get Worse” – Video 10/31/13

CBS News Obtains “War Room Notes” with Disastrous Early ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers – Video 10/31/13 & Notes

Bust of Winston Churchill Dedicated at the U.S. Capitol; Will Reside in “Freedom Foyer” – Videos 10/30/13

Obama Admin Continues Blocking Access to Benghazi Survivors; Claims “Significant Risk” if they Testify to What Happened – Video 10/31/13

Kathleen Sebelius in May 2009: “No American should be Forced to Give Up a Doctor they Trust or a Health Plan they Like” – Video

Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney Already Trying to Lower Expectations about ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers – Video 10/31/13

New RNC Ad Slams Obama as “The Bystander-in-Chief” – Video 10/31/13

CBS News’ Major Garrett Confronts Jay Carney: Many Americans “Feel, if Not Lied to, Misled” by President Obama – Video 10/31/13

Sen. Rand Paul Proposes Constitutional Amendment Requiring ObamaCare to Apply to Congress, the President, and the Supreme Court – Video 10/31/13

Compassionate Obama Tells Americans Who are Losing their Health Plan because of His Broken Promise: “Just Shop Around” – Video 10/30/13

Krauthammer on Sebelius Testimony before Congress: “It was a Pathetic, Horrible, Just Mortifying Performance” – Audio 10/30/13

CBS News: Obama’s Broken Promises on ObamaCare Calling His Credibility into Question – Video 10/31/13


WAPO: “Exorcist” Author Slams Abortion Procedure as “Demonic”; Incensed Sebelius Invited to Speak at Catholic University – 10/31/13


“Open Line Thursday Comments” – 10/31/13

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