Harry Reid on Whether Dems will Pass GOP Funding for NIH that Assists Children with Cancer: “Why would We want to Do That?” – Video 10/2/13

Unbelievable. The Democrats may be beginning to crack.

Here is CNN’s Dana Bash asking Harry Reid this afternoon if the U.S. Senate will agree to pass the funding of the National Institutes of Health that the GOP House is going to approve and send their way – funding that helps treatment of children with cancer. When Reid tried to evade the question with talking points, she asked again:

BASH: “But if you can help one child who has cancer, why wouldn’t you do it?”

REID: “Listen, why would we want to do that?”

He then attacked her “intelligence,” calling her “irresponsible” for asking the question!

Reid really revealed himself and the Democrats’ agenda with this remark. It needs to go viral. Tell everyone you know about it.

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