GOP Rep. Peter King continues His Attacks on Sen. Ted Cruz; GOP Rep. Tom Graves Says GOP Determined to Stand for Fairness for All Americans – Video 10/6/13

Here is Rep. Peter King on “Fox News Sunday” continuing his attack on Sen. Ted Cruz, and advocating a capitulation strategy for Republicans. GOP Rep. Tom Graves countered King’s attacks, saying Republicans are committed to fairness for the American people, determined to see Americans get the same delay that Obama has given to corporations and his friends.

  • Bradg70

    Peter King’s actions as of late are emblematic of one of the underlying fundamental issues driving societal degradation: An unwillingness to unite around individual freedom. Obamacare represents another extremely large shift of power away from the Individual and States (as our Founders intended) and to unnamed and detached bureaucrats in the Federal Government. Peter King is more interested in tactics and perception as the country proceeds to melt into what countless of unexceptional countries have been throughout history. He and many in Congress will be all right financially but they do not have the stomach to fight for the future generations so that they have the same tastes of freedom that enabled people like King to be where they are. I recommend he undergo some introspective evaluation so that the courage of his position may be found.

  • Brian_FL

    You got to the heart of the matter Brad. People like King are always evaluating what their positions should be based on the politics of the matter. We need people now who will stand up for what is right – win or lose. That’s our heritage as Americans – founders who risked everything for what is right – for freedom – even though it looked impossible. That’s what it will take to keep our freedom. Guys like Peter King don’t think that way.

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